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The Route
Below is the list of cities and towns in order through which the March for Peace will pass and projected arrival dates (subject to change). The march began on May 21, 2007 in San Francisco and plans to arrive in Washington, D.C. on September 10, 2007.  Please see further down to the bottom of this page for states that the marchers have already passed through. March for Peace Progress Map.

(The route was last updated: September  10, 2007)
The marchers have completed the route!


Washington, D.C. - The White House (September 10)

Below are the states already behind the marchers, current state and states still to come are at the top of this page.


San Francisco, CA
Golden Gate Bridge over the bay
San Rafael, CA (May 21)
Terra Lindo, CA
Marinwood, CA
El Verano, CA
Glen Ellen, CA (May 22)
Oakville, CA
Rutherford, CA (May 23)
Winters, CA (May 24)
Davis, CA (May 26)
Conaway, CA
Kiesel, CA
Vin, CA
Beatrice, CA
Lovdal, CA
Broderick, CA
Sacramento, CA (May 28)
Arden, CA
Carmichael, CA
Fair Oaks, CA
Folsom, CA (May 29)
Rescue, CA
Placerville, CA
Five Miles Terrace, CA
Snowline Camp, CA
Pollock Pines, CA (May 30)
Fresh Pond, CA
Kyburz, CA (May 31)
Twin Bridges, CA
South Lake Tahoe, CA
(June 1)
Washoe Meadows State Park
Tahoe Valley
South Lake Tahoe, CA
South Lake Tahoe State Recreation Area (June 2)
Stateline, CA


Zephyr Cove, NV
Skyland, NV
Lakeridge, NV
Lincoln Park, NV
Carson City, NV (June 4)
New Empire, NV
Dayton, NV
Dayton State Park
Silver Springs, NV
Lahontan State Recreation Area
Fallon, NV
Salt Wells, NV 
Frenchman, NV
Cold Springs, NV
Austin, NV (June 6)
Eureka, NV(June 8)
Lane, NV
Ely, NV (June 9)
Majors Place, NV (June 10)


Hinckley, UT (June 11)
Delta, UT
Lynndyl, UT (June 12)
Eureka, UT
Elberta, UT (June 13)
Goshen, UT
Santaquin, UT
Payson, UT
Salem, UT
Spanish Fork, UT
Springville, UT
Provo, UT (June 14)
Wicks, UT
Sprindell, UT
Nunns, UT
Wildwood, UT (June 15)
Daniel, UT
Fruitland, UT (June 16)
Duchesne, UT
Myton, UT
Roosevelt, UT
Ballard, UT
Gusher, UT (June 18)
Vernal, UT
Naples, UT
Jensen, UT (June 19)


Dinosaur, CO
Massadona, CO
Elk Springs, CO
Maybell, CO
Elk Springs, CO
Maybell, CO
Lay, CO
Craig, CO (June 25)
Hayden, CO
Milner, CO (June 26)
Steamboat Springs, CO (June 27)
Kremmling, CO (June 28)
Parshall, CO (June 28)
Hot Sulpher Springs, CO (June 29)
Granby, CO (June 30th)
Landmark: Rocky Mountain National Park (July 1)
Grand Lake, CO (July 1)
Estes Park, CO (July 1)
Drake, CO
Midway, CO
Ceder Cove, CO
Loveland, CO
Greeley, CO Gill, CO (July 4)
Barnesville, CO
Cornish, CO
Briggsdale, CO
Buckingham, CO
New Raymer, CO (July 6)
Stoneham, CO
Sterling, CO
Fleming, CO
Dailey, CO
Haxtun, CO
Holyoke, CO
Amherst, CO


Please check frequently, as Nebraska dates will be updated as the march progresses.

Venango, NE (July 7)
Brandon, NE
Grant, NE
Ogallala, NE
Lake Ogallala State Recreation Area 
Roscoe, NE
Paxton, NE
Sutherland, NE
Hershey, NE
North Platte, NE (July 8th)
Maxwell, NE
Brady, NE
Gothenburg, NE
Willow Island, NE
Cozad, NE
Darr, NE
Lexington, NE (July 9th)
Overton, NE
Elm Creek, NE
Odessa, NE
Kearney, NE
Gibbon, NE
Wood River, NE
Alda, NE
Grand Island, NE
Aurora, NE
Hampton, NE
Bradshaw, NE
York, NE
Utica, NE
Tamora, NE
Seward, NE
Lincoln, NE (July 11th)
Waverly, NE
Greenwood, NE
Ashland, NE
Mahoney State Park
Waterloo, NE
Two Rivers State Recreation Area
Elkhorn, NE
Omaha, NE
Levi Carter State Park (July 14)


Council Bluffs, IA (July 15)
Treynor, IA
Carson, IA
Griswold, IA (July 16)
Massena, IA
Fontanelle, IA (July 17)
Greenfield, IA
Nanito, IA
Stanzel, IA
Winterset, IA (July 19)
Patterson, IA
Bevington, IA
Martensdale, IA
Prole, IA
Norwalk, IA
Lakewood, IA (July 20)
Des Moines, IA (July 21)
Ivy, IA (July 22)
Prairie City, IA
Reasnor, IA
(July 23)
Sully, IA
Lynnville, IA (July 24)
Montezuma, IA
Deep River, IA
(July 25)
Williamsburg, IA (July 26)
University Heights, IA
Iowa City, IA
(July 27-28)
West Liberty, IA (July 29)
Muscatine, IA (July 30)


Illinois City, IL

Joy, IL
Aledo, IL (July 31)
Viola, IL
New Windsor, IL
Alpha, IL (Aug 1)
Galesburg, IL
Knoxville, IL (Aug 2)
Brimfield, IL (Aug 3)
Jubilee College State Park
Kickapoo, IL
Peoria, IL (Aug 4)
Pekin, IL
Pekin Heights, IL
Tremont, IL (Aug 5)
Danvers, IL
Normal, IL
Bloomington, IL (Aug 6)
Le Roy, IL (Aug 7)
Mansfield, IL (Aug 8)
Champaign, IL (Aug 9)
St. Joseph, IL
Fithian, IL
Oakwood, IL
Kickapoo State Park
Danville, IL


Romine Corner, IN
Covington, IN
Layton, IN
Veedersburg, IN (Aug 11)
Waynetown, IN
Crawfordsville, IN (Aug 12)
New Ross, IN
Jamestown, IN
Pittsboro, IN (Aug 13)
Brownsburg, IN
Speedway, IN
Indianapolis, IN (Aug 14)
Cumberland, IN
Greenfield, IN (Aug 15)
Knightstown, IN
Lewisville, IN
Straughn, IN (Aug 16)
Dublin, IN
Mount Auburn, IN
Cambridge City, IN
Richmond, IN  (Aug 17)


Gettysberg, OH
Bachman, OH (Aug 18)
Arlington, OH
Englewood, OH
Vandalia, OH
Phoneton, OH
Brandt, OH
Forgy, OH (Aug 19)
Springfield, OH
Buck Creek State Park
South Vienna, OH (Aug 20)
Brighton, OH
Lafayette, OH
West Jefferson, OH
Alton, OH
New Rome, OH (Aug 21)
Lincoln Village, OH
Columbus, OH(Aug 22)
Obetz, OH (Aug 23)
Lithopolis, OH
Greencastle, OH
Lancaster, OH (Aug 24)
Bremen, OH
Crossenville, OH
Bristol, OH
McCuneville, OH
Shawnee, OH (Aug 25)
Carrington, OH
Buckingham, OH
Drakes, OH
Millertown, OH
Corning, OH
Hatfield, OH
Burr Oak, OH
Trimble, OH
Federal, OH
Amesville, OH (Aug 26)
Armadale, OH
Broadwell, OH
Big Run, OH
Cutler, OH
Belpre, OH


Parkersburg, WV
Ellenboro, WV (Aug 29)
Smithberg, WV
Salem, WV (Aug 30)
Clarksburg, WV(Aug 31)
Bridgeport, WV
Tygart Lake State Park
Grafton, WV
Thornton, WV
Fellowsville, WV
Erwin, WV
Aurora, WV
Cathedral State Park 

Redhouse, MD (9/3)
Table Rock, MD

Gormania, WV (9/4)
Mount Storm, WV
Hartmansville, WV
Burlington, WV
Junction, WV
Romney, WV
Shanks, WV
Augusta, WV
Pleasant Dale, WV
Capon Bridge, WV

Gore, VA
Hayfield, VA

Winchester, VA
Upperville, VA
Middleburg, VA
Aldie, VA
Lenah, VA
Pleasant Valley, VA
Chantilly, VA
Pender, VA
Seven Corners, VA
Arlington, VA