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September in D.C.

Reportbacks from Sept 11 & 12 Actions (more to come):

On September 11th to 12th, Marchers participated in the “Day of Mourning” action, a 20 hour vigil in front of the Capital Building. Other groups participating included Not in Our Name, Activist Response Team, CodePink, Granny Peace Brigade, March of the People, and Grassroots America. Activists read over 4,000 postcards demanding impeachment from around the country nonstop from 3pm until 11am on the 12th. At dark, a large video screen displaying images from the streets of Iraq and Abu-Ghraib drew passersby.

The next morning, a group of forty, including five from the March for Peace, walked to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office to deliver the messages. Pelosi’s office was occupied for seven hours while activists read the impeachment demands from around the country. Although Pelosi’s Chief of Staff briefly met with us, she would not answer any questions, and only offered to “pass our messages on to the Speaker”. During the afternoon, dozens of young activists came to Pelosi’s office to deliver a message in support of Elvira Arrellano, an immigrant’s rights activist who was recently arrested and deported. Those of us in the office chanted “Si se puede” in solidarity, and made space for the new visitors. Capital Police and Pelosi staffers were less welcoming, and would not let the new group in. We remained in the office until the Capital Building closed, leaving copies of the postcards for Pelosi.

Details of Sept 10th arrival march and rally...

All are invited to join the marchers for the final leg of the trip as they make their way from the Arlington Cemetery Metro station to the White House.  On September 10th at 10:00 a.m. marchers will gather at the Arlington Cemetery Metro Station and take the following Route to 1600 Pennslyvania Avenue:

From Arlington Cemetery Metro Station, cross Arlington Memorial Bridge to Lincoln Memorial to 23rd St.  Continue North to Constitution Ave, East to 17th St., North to Pennsylvania Ave.  There will be a rally in front of the White House following the March.

Dear Mr. President...

Download the Marchers' open letter to the President.  Help get this letter out far and wide and build support as the march nears D.C.

The hospitality that the marchers were shown as they crossed the United States was amazing and inspiring.  The group is requesting in an open letter to the President that he and his staff extend the same kindness that so many folks have in the past months, by offering them a place to stay at the White House.  As has been the practice this summer, even a spot to camp on the lawn will do!